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Frequently asked questions about Prenatal and postnatal care

Pregnancy is indeed the most beautiful feeling that women go through. It is all about giving birth to a life. When it comes to caring for this delicate life during and after the pregnancy period, the excited moms and their families will go though many doubts. It is also very important to have the mother be healthy post the baby’s arrival to provide immediate nutrition to her child.

To have a healthy mother and child, it is important that fitness, food and happiness are very important. Below are a few frequently asked questions most first time moms ask us. If you too are a first time mom, this will help you…

Is pregnancy a painful thing?

Pregnancy is a part of a woman’s life. As we all know that there is no gain without any pain, pregnancy also has it’s own easy and tough times. It is a wonderful feeling to have a life inside yourself but you will also have to go through cramps and kicks at times. There is nothing to worry with regard to painful situations.

How can I keep fit during pregnancy?

Good food, breathing exercises and being happy are the key to a happy pregnancy. You can opt for antenatal classes like yoga and lamaze from you second trimester.

Can I workout at the Gym or swim?

Yes! Swimming is a good idea, but you must do it based on your doctor’s advice preferably. Heavy weights are not a good idea, but you can speak to an authorised gym instructor who is specially trained in pregnancy workouts. Exercising is always a good way to be active and healthy.

I need to join back work after the delivery. How do I manage breastfeeding?

You can always get a breast pump in that case. You need not worry even if you are not being able to get as much milk. There are supplements to help your situation and keep your baby healthy.

What is lamaze and Hypnobirthing?

Lamaze and Hypnobirthing are childbirth education techniques, that help you in pain management during labour. They educate the mother and her birth partner how to manage pain or false labour. Breathing techniques and postures are the most important during pregnancy. Lamaze and hypnobirthing techniques make it easier and comfortable for the mother during labour for pain relief and a smooth delivery.

C – Section or a Normal delivery. Which is best?

It depends on the physical condition of the mother and the positioning of the baby. In some cases the family or the mother opt for a c-section because of fear of pain. But it is best to have a normal delivery in any case since it is a natural process.

Will my bones become weak after pregnancy?

This is a common myth that most women may have. Women usually have calcium issues post pregnancy where the bones become delicate. It is very important to have a good calcium rich diet before, during and after pregnancy to avoid any risks. You can also have calcium supplements.

Is it true that women can go into depression during or after pregnancy?

Hormones play a huge role during pregnancy. There are changes in the body which are unpredictable and the reasons can be many. Depression during or after pregnancy is a common problem women face. If you think you or someone you know is facing this problem, you must immediately call for clinical help. Sometimes even a pep talk my help.