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Epilepsy in Kids: Symptoms and Treatments

Epilepsy in Kids: Symptoms and Treatments

As parents, you always want the best for your kid, and even thinking of your child in distress disturbs you. It’s natural, therefore, that if they are diagnosed with something as serious as a neurological disorder, you would have sleepless nights.

One such worrying condition is epilepsy, but before you get concerned, there are some things you should know.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

Being diagnosed with epilepsy can be frightening for both you and your children. Getting the right kind of guidance in understanding the signs and symptoms of epilepsy is necessary and should be done by a reputed neurosurgeon. Other concerns such as, when the seizures could attack, and what kind of epilepsy treatments can help in reducing the risk of epileptic seizures can help you give a full and productive life to your child.

Let’s understand what epilepsy is, and what are the signs and symptoms of epilepsy you should look out for, in order to avoid complications in your child’s health.

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which there is an abnormal rush of electricity in nerves that run up to the brain. Epileptic seizures usually affect 1 in 20 children and in some cases it might not happen the second time. But for those children who recurrently experience signs and symptoms of epilepsy, it is essential to know about it and have a positive outlook, with a few changes in lifestyle. This will help you and your children make life easier and walk along with the ups and downs of health that come in the way.

So, now that you’ve got a fair idea of what epilepsy is, here’s a list of the epilepsy symptoms in children.

Signs and symptoms of epilepsy in children

When your child has an epileptic seizure, what happens inside his/her brain is something you cannot really figure out. However, in this article, we will help you understand or rather virtually understand, and get a clear picture of what happens when your child has epilepsy symptoms.

Read below the simplified explanation:

Diagnosing symptoms of epilepsy, or seizures in children can be a tricky affair. It is important to present the right description of the seizures for your doctor to diagnose the condition accurately.

  • Unresponsive staring is one of the epilepsy symptoms noticed in children when they have an epileptic seizure. The child might also experience loss of awareness and blinking. The child becomes completely normal when the seizure ends.
  • Sudden rhythmic jerks and twitches in any part of the body – The child often feels sleepy and confused.
  • Confusion and irritation in certain activities – This is the most commonly noticed epilepsy symptom in children as the seizure makes the child feel very restless. It affects the stability of the child which leads to irritability.
  • Profuse shaking or tripping or repetitive actions such as clapping, lip smacking, and chewing are other epilepsy symptoms which are seen in children suffering from a type of seizure known as complex partial seizures.
  • Behavioural changes in children are seen when they are suffering from something called march seizures. The spasms in march seizures move from group to group unlike partial seizures which involves only one group of muscles. Children with march seizures tend to behave strangely during the epileptic seizure and mostly forget what had happened right after the seizure ends.

Kid Yawning

While the symptoms are many and their intensities are equally many, there are a number of ways that can help you get treatments for your child. It all depends on when you get the right diagnosis done, and how your doctor deals with your child.

So, who do you go to, when you need help for your child who needs epilepsy treatments.

A neurologist? Yes, that’s right but with a slight alteration.

A pediatric neurologist.

Pediatric neurology is a study that involves the development of the brain in children, the problems and treatments for neurological disorders. Here’s a list of epilepsy treatments that your pediatric neurologist might recommend for your child, based on how severe the condition is. Read ahead.

Epilepsy Treatments

Your primary objective must be to protect your child from injuring himself/herself. So the first steps would start at home. Here are a few simple techniques that can be done to treat epilepsy symptoms you can try at home before reaching out to your doctor.

  • Help your child lie down comfortably and try to soothe them.
  • Keep all sharp objects or anything that can hurt them away from them.
  • Check if the child is breathing properly, perform a CPR or call the ambulance immediately in case he/she is not breathing or having difficulty in breathing.
  • In case of known epilepsy, you can even give rectal medications that your pediatric neurologist might have recommended, and make sure you give a correct or mild dosage.
  • Do not give food to the child while the seizure is happening.

Performing CPR on Kid

Epilepsy treatments

When it comes to epilepsy treatments for children, they vary from the treatments given for adults. In fact, most children with first time epilepsy symptoms are not put through medications because:

  • They can have side effects on the child’s liver or can affect the teeth.
  • Most children might not have a seizure again.

With all the treatments and therapies being available, there are some extra efforts that you as a parent should take up seriously to keep your child from having epileptic seizures. Epilepsy symptoms are what you must be cautious about, which can help your child not to reach the stage of having the attack. So if your child is a bit on the hyperactive mode, don’t have to worry, but just keep a close check on their health. Pediatric neurology has brought in a number of advancements that can help you and your child be more at ease.

If you still have doubts, we at Ankura Hospital are here ready to help you know more. So book your appointments to be on the safe side and help your child live a full and productive childhood.

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