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Epilepsy? Here Are Some Of The Causes And Treatments!

Epilepsy - Causes and Prevention

Imagine…One pleasant summer morning, your child and his or her friends have met up after a long time in the park.

The games are on and you are having fun watching them as well, until suddenly in the middle of the game one of the kids or perhaps even your child collapses on the ground and starts spasming and moving uncontrollably in one particular place.

Child Collapsed

There is fear in all the other children about what is going on and in that fear, you, yourself are trying to figure out what is making your child move uncontrollably.

If you have seen or experienced this, you might know what it is and if not, that sudden spasming and uncontrollable movement is called a seizure. Sounds familiar now?

Do you know what a seizure can also be called? It can also be called an Epileptic Fit. 

The term epileptic fit is used as seizures are the most common symptom for a condition known as Epilepsy.

Before getting into what Epilepsy actually is, did you know that electricity passes through our body every second? You don’t have to be afraid. Our brain sends messages through the cells to all of the parts of the body with electrical impulses.

Brain Sending Messages

So when there is any kind of abnormal electrical activity in the brain, shock waves are produced all over the body, causing an ‘electrical storm’ in the body which results in the condition of Epilepsy.

This might seem frightening, the whole body conducting electricity and abnormal activity might cause Epilepsy. But it happens rarely.

Do you think you or anyone you might know have epilepsy?

Now, everything related to epilepsy happens fast making the condition really dangerous. There are certain symptoms by which you can know if someone has epilepsy. The symptoms of epilepsy also depend on the type of epileptic seizures a person has or has a history of. It is important to keep yourself informed about the various types of seizures.

Epilepsy: Uncontrollable Jerking

So these symptoms are:

  • Uncontrollable jerking movement of the body. Specially arms and legs
  • Continuous staring
  • Temporary Confusion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Fear and Anxiety.

What causes epilepsy in children?

Most parents are scared when their child displays any of these symptoms, but the uncontrollable movement of hands and legs is something which strikes the most fear in them. Hence, it is essential that you visit a reputed pediatrician or book an appointment with us at Ankura Hospitals so our doctors can let you know the details of this condition which might be affecting your child.

For most of half the children who have epilepsy, the causes are usually unknown but for the rest of the children,

Some of the most common epilepsy causes are:

Genetics: Your genes have a world of secrets and conditions hidden inside them. It is very important to understand that just like most diseases and conditions affecting children, even Epilepsy, genetics plays an important role as a cause. The brain being affected, in many cases runs in the family.

But along with genetics, there is always an external or an environmental factor involved, causing epilepsy.

Trauma to the Head: In many instances, trauma to the head due to an accident or any form of injury, maybe during pregnancy is an epilepsy cause.

Brain Conditions: Brain tumours at an early age are often a cause for epilepsy. In most cases, strokes are rare when it comes to children but stroke is also epilepsy cause.

Infectious Diseases: Meningitis, AIDS and other infectious diseases which again can be hereditary in nature qualify as an epilepsy cause.

Rashes on Hands

Developmental Disorders: You may have seen children with various developmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD and neurofibromatosis. These children are more prone to develop Epilepsy.

Now you have a fair idea how dangerous this disease or condition is and what kind of an affect it can have on the body of a child, not to mention the brain as well.

Prevention of Epilepsis

As parents, you would do anything to protect your child from even the slightest harm, especially this particular condition.

So wouldn’t you take the measures to prevent your child from possibly developing the condition of epilepsy?

On scientific terms, since the causes of epilepsy is not entirely known, medical prevention is not possible but it is always better to know the things which might trigger seizures and eventually leading to epilepsy.

These triggers should be monitored at all times when it comes to children and also lifestyle changes should be made to make sure, epilepsy can be prevented.

Some of the triggers for an epileptic seizure are:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Change in sleep schedule
  • Constant exposure to television, computer and other gadgets as they overstimulate the function of the eyes. 
  • Hormonal changes in girls.

Exposure to TV

While these are the triggers, here are some things which you can help your child follow on a daily basis:

  • Adequate Sleep – 8 hours for children.
  • Overexertion is not necessary.
  • Taking medicines on time, if any.
  • Skipping on television or computer whenever possible.
  • Healthy diet.

Children do not usually listen to anyone but themselves, perhaps that is what makes them children but there are some things which your kid needs to follow and you as parents are the best in helping them do so. But if it is still not possible, visit us at Ankura Hospitals where our doctors can get to your child’s level and make them understand how this is important for them in the long run.

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