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Embracing Womanhood: Health And Fitness

Embracing Womanhood: Health And Fitness

Most women are wired to be amazingly organised, while others hold the potential to turn your world around with their wit and skill. Most people are mind blown by the way the woman in their life holds the fort, single handedly, multitasking her way through the day.

In all the hustle bustle of a fast-paced life, this pillar of your home, forgets to notice the cracks and crevices that are developing on herself, weakening her and slowing her down, because of lack of care and attention and the pressure of responsibility. Yet that doesn’t stop her from struggling to fit in all things scheduled for the day and meet you with a smile on her face that can make you forget all your troubles.

While a child, a husband, a boss, a brother or a father can depend on the woman, whom does she turn to?Women's Health and Wellness


You are reading this, and it makes you responsible for the wellbeing and happiness of the women in your life.

Majority of the female population is still unaware and uneducated in terms of their basic health necessities. While ensuring everybody gets what they want and need, women tend to neglect and ignore what their body needs.

The functioning of a woman’s body is synched and systematic, like that of a machine’s. And every month, she struggles and suffers through the changes her body goes through, be it puberty, menstruation, hormonal changes or menopause.

All of this does not just make her behaviour unpredictable, it also leads to mood and anxiety disorders, like depression and panic attacks. Along with what happens inside here body, there is a society, a community that dictates her actions and reactions, causing her more stress and unhappiness that leads to deteriorating health and quality of life. Women's Health Issues

Do you see how everything is coherent?

If you do, you might want to make this world a little livable and accommodating for the women you love. You might also want to demonstrate your love for them by small gestures of appreciation, care and concern which could be done in the following ways,

  • Ensure she gets sleep of 6-8 hours.
  • Make sure she eats a balanced and healthy diet on time and happily.
  • Get her checked up for the conditions mentioned below






-Breast Cancer

-Cervical Cancer

  • If there is difficulty in conception, it might be the lifestyle or a health issue, help her overcome it, be supportive.
  • Make her exercise well and maintain physical fitness and be reminded that hitting the gym does not qualify as the most effective or only road to fitness. If you engage in defense arts or normal physical exercises like stretching, squatting, brisk walking etc, it should work just fine.
  • Keeping the body well-hydrated is of prime importance, make sure she does that.
  • Make sure she takes care of her skin and hair, they talk volumes of the woman’s physical health.
  • Make her watchout for UTIs and yeast infections.
  • Make sure she is as stress-free as possible, your mother, sister or wife is not solely responsible for the family, if stress and work can be divided among people of the family, it will be easier to maintain the family’s health.

We admire the strength that a woman demonstrates. She is the epitome of grace and compassion, and we wish for her to be so in all her beauty and health. This women’s health and fitness week, Aankura wishes women a healthy body and a healthy life.

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