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Does Head Injury Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer’s In Your Child?

Does Head Injury Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer’s In Your Child?

All parents prefer to have their kids running around and be active, and you all know that some bangs and bumps do happen- it’s a part of their childhood. It could be a trip, a fall, or not looking at where they are going, kids have the knack of getting head injuries often and it is really a part of growing. You just can’t make them sit in one place as they are just finding their feet in a most inquisitive stage of their life.

Most of the head bumps are less serious and need no medical assistance.

One blow to the head cannot be that injurious, but repetitive blows?

Head injuries can result in catastrophic head injury, long-term neurological disability, and permanent brain damage.

The head injury in the early stage of childhood can also lead to memory loss.

So as parents when should you worry over a head injury?

Can Head Injuries Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer’s In Your Child?Head Injury

Head injuries can be counted if it causes a lump, cut, bruises, and serious injuries to the head. Head injuries can be mild, moderate, and severe.

Severe head injuries are the most dangerous one which can put your child in a dramatic and serious situation. In case of severe head injury, your child can lose consciousness, feel drowsy, and weakness in limbs. Such direct blows to the head affect the brain’s functions.

The traumatic brain injuries can lead to long-lasting effects like unconsciousness, inability to recall events, confusion, difficulty in learning, trouble in speaking coherently, unsteadiness, lack of coordination, and problems with hearing and vision. Some of the traumatic brain injuries can increase your child’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s or memory loss as you commonly know.

Alzheimer’s disease destroys the memory and mental functions of your brain.Alzheimer's Disease In Children

Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease when it comes to children. So what should you observe in your child if they had a head injury which could be a cause for brain injury?

The symptoms of brain injury are:

  • Vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Persistent headaches
  • Imbalance while walking
  • Lethargy
  • Bleeding from nose or ears
  • Unusual or confused behavior

Knowing the symptoms of severe head injuries in children will help you to deal with it appropriately and efficiently. Be watchful over your children’s’ activities, but it is impossible to keep them under surveillance each and every second in a day. You should give your children a chance to get up and dust off by themselves. All that you can do is make sure that your child has protective measures and first aid if they come across a head injury.

If your child suffers from severe head injuries need not worry all they need is to receive quality medical treatment from Ankura hospitals.

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