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Diabetes In Children- Causes & Symptoms

Diabetes In Children- Causes & Symptoms

The younger generation today is facing different kinds of health issues. In recent times, the most common health problem being faced by kids and teens is diabetes. Having diabetes means that your child’s blood glucose level is too high.

Diabetes is of two kinds: type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes.

Type-1 Diabetes 

When the child has type-1 diabetes, his pancreas doesn’t make insulin. Insulin is the hormone that carries glucose into cells and gives them energy. Hence, the glucose level increases highly in blood which leads to type-1 diabetes.

This type-1 diabetes is mostly diagnosed within the teenage of a person.

Child  Diabetes

What Are The Risk Factors Of Type-1 Diabetes?

The only risk factors of diabetes are related to the genetic formation of your child.

•    Heredity – If people have diabetes in their family, you have the risk of transferring a diabetes trait to the future generation. Hence, if any member of the family had type-1 diabetes, your child is at risk of being affected as well.

•    Genes – Sometimes unpreferable genetic alteration may happen when the child’s genome is formed. Such unfortunate gene modifications can lead to type-1 diabetes.

Please understand that diet or lifestyle does not play any role in causing diabetes. However, if your child had type-1 diabetes, you will need to monitor him on a specific diet for better management of this disease.

Type-2 Diabetes

From the past studies, we know that type-2 diabetes is mostly seen in adults. But in recent times, type-2 diabetes is common in children as well.  Type-2 diabetes is a chronic condition which affects the function of body sugars. Even though the pancreas produces insulin, the body fats can’t respond to it properly and become insulin resistant. A recent survey shows that type-2 diabetes has increased to 23% in children.


What Are The Risk Factors Of Type-2 Diabetes?

Here are some causes of type-2 diabetes.

  • Obesity –  Obese children have a problem in regulating insulin in their body. This results in poor control of blood sugar level. This gives the child a higher chance of getting type-2 diabetes.
  • Unhealthy diet – Improper diet maintenance i.e. insufficient intake of nutrients can also cause type-2 diabetes. Early feeding of bottled milk rather than breastfeeding to the infants have more risk factors for affecting diabetes.
  • Hormone problems – There are some other hormones other than insulin that affect the blood sugar levels like glucagon, amylin, GIP, GLP-1, epinephrine, cortisol, and other growth hormones which can lead to diabetes.
  • Physical activity – Lack of physical activity like physical exercises, yoga etc, in your daily life can make you store excess glucose in the body, making you overweight, causing diabetes eventually.

Let’s Discuss Some Major Symptoms Of Diabetes

Here we will discuss some of the major symptoms of type-1 diabetes and symptoms of type-2 diabetes.

Frequent Urination


  • Fatigue – Children feel extremely tired or sleepy as changes in blood sugar affect their energy levels.
  • Frequent Urination – Excessive sugar levels in blood and due to low fluids production, your kids drink water more than usual, causing frequent urination.
  • Excessive Thirst – Due to high blood sugar levels children, your children will feel very thirsty all the time.
  • Extreme Hunger – Children with diabetes doesn’t get sufficient energy levels. The production of insulin is low in diabetes. Insulin helps in moving the sugars to cells. But the scarcity of it causes lack of energy, which results in extreme hunger.
  • Skin problems – Having a dry skin, itching sensation on the surface of the skin and darkened skin in some areas like neck, armpits etc. can also be a symptom of different types of diabetes.
  • Eye-Vision Problem – Blurriness is caused due to high blood glucose levels. This is a type of condition which damages the blood vessels in the eyes.
  • Sudden Weight Changes –Sudden weight loss or weight gain is also one of the major symptoms of diabetes.

Along with these symptoms, bad smell while breathing, fatigue, sudden mood changes, slow healing of sores, yeast infection etc, are the other symptoms of type-1 diabetes.

Along with the above symptoms slow-healing sores, numbness, heavy breathing, are some the main symptoms for type-2 diabetes.

Life is not easy to live with such a chronic disease like diabetes. It requires a lifetime of management including diet, exercise and medication. For a child who is highly inquisitive but hasn’t had the chance to get a good taste of the world, it must be even more difficult for him to exercise restraint. But with proper support and encouragement, he can live better.

Take good care of your diabetic child.

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