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Deficiency of Vitamin D in Children

Deficiency of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for children in a growing stage. When children suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency, they often feel weak and their bones become fragile.

The symptoms of vitamin d deficiency in children appear in the form of diseases like rickets, poor skeletal bones, poor heart conditions, asthma and cancer caused to children.

Vitamin D Deficiency

This is a classic indication of a Vitamin D deficiency. So, what do you know about this Vitamin and how can this deficiency be treated?

Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

The various reasons for vitamin d deficiency in children are as follows:

  • Vitamin D deficiency happens when children do not consume enough of milk and animal protein. It is the animal protein which has the maximum quantity of vitamin D. The food which contains vitamin d are- beef liver, fish, milk and egg yolk.
  • Dark skin has excess melanin, which has the tendency to reduce vitamin D.
  • No exposure to sunlight is another factor which might cause vitamin D deficiency, as sunlight is the main source of vitamin d.
  • Sometimes, vitamin D deficiency is caused when there is a kidney dysfunction.
  • One of the major problems occurs among children who are obese. Fat cells extract most of the Vitamin D the body has, leaving very less to be utilised by the other organs.

Diagnosis of Deficiency of Vitamin D

Diagnosis of Deficiency of Vitamin D

The only way to find out about the Vitamin D deficiency in the body is by getting a blood test done. Any report which has a count of less than 12 nanograms per litre is considered to be less than normal.

Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency

  • One can get the correct amount of Vitamin D through the dietary supplements, tablets and natural food that has Vitamin D in it.
  • Let your children bask in some sunlight!
  • It is important to have green vegetables in abundance.
  • Sardine and salmon, which are types of fish, are very good sources of providing a person with Vitamin D.
  • Green and leafy vegetables, which are the first trophic consumers of the sunlight should be consumed by children, which will help them fight in the deficiency of Vitamin D.

Natural Food that has Vitamin D

Without Vitamin D, a child will not be able to grow adequately in the coming years of his or her life. Vitamin D in less amounts could result in osteoporosis or might even result in brittle bones. It is absolutely essential that Vitamin D supplements or tablets are given to the child. Every food which is rich in vitamin D is essential for the child.

Diagnosis of any kind of vitamin deficiency is tricky hence it requires a reputed and experienced doctor to be the one to diagnose it. Visit us or book an appointment with us at Ankura hospitals to get your child checked so they will not live a life of physical weakness.

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