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could i be pregnant with twins what to do if you are expecting twins ?

Pregnant with Twins


You’re pregnant. You must be preparing for your little one and of course, it’s a wonderful feeling. Knowing that you’re on the way to being a whole new person, and you’ll have to deal with a lot, you’re still at your best. This is what being a mom is all about. You’re probably preparing just for one, until your doctor tells you you’ve got two of them inside.


What do you do then? Life with a newborn baby is tough, and if you have twins, it’s fun but a double deal too. Knowing that you’re expecting twins is something that can help you and plan your days better. So let’s look what the signs and symptoms of a twin pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms you might notice if you’re expecting a twin pregnancy 

Morning sickness and feeling tired

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy 

Typically, for any pregnancy, the most common and earliest symptoms are morning sickness, and fatigue. But if you are experiencing extreme levels of these two symptoms, there could be more than just one little fellow in there. So what helps you figure that out is:

HCG test: HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is the hormone that gives you the green signal on your pregnancy confirmation test. When you have twins, your HCG levels are usually higher than what a normal/single pregnancy test would show. Morning sickness and fatigue are said to begin sooner than they usually do, and the level of feeling physically tired is higher. Your sonologist/ or fetal medicine specialist performs an ultrasound to confirm if your twin pregnancy.

Weight gain

Weight gain is quite a normal thing in pregnancy because you have your baby grow inside you. But if you are expecting twins your are bound to put on a little more weight than you would with a single baby. However, there is a way to have the right amount of weight gain occur. It’s just that you will have to eat the right amount of food, and a take a little extra care about your health and fitness. Your doctor will guide you through for the do’s and don’ts if you’re expecting a twin pregnancy.

Weight Gain

Varicose veins

When you’re expecting a  twin pregnancy, everything that your body needs for healthy growth and development of both the babies will be doubled. That is the reason you need to have more food, for more nutrients and blood supply to your babies inside. This results in more blood supply to the twins in your tummy, through the veins in your circulatory system. The extra blood flow sometimes leads to increased pressure on the veins that can develop varicose veins.

Varicose veins

Feeling Anaemic 

When your red blood cell count is on the lower side for you, it results in iron deficiency which makes you anaemic. People who have twin pregnancy are prone to being anaemic if they do not have enough iron to produce hemoglobin in the body. Hemoglobin is a protein that is present in the red blood cells, and it carries oxygen from the lungs to the entire body.

Extreme breast tenderness

This is one of the most common symptoms of having a twin pregnancy. Your breasts become tender to the point where you might feel more than just being uncomfortable wearing a bra.

You might feel your heart rate is higher than normal

While a normal singleton pregnancy has you realise that you have a double beat, if you’re expecting a twin pregnancy, you’ve got to know that you might feel your heart beats faster than it should. Weill there’s nothing to worry about. You have two little munchkins whose hearts are beating along with yours. A faster heartbeat indicates that your heart needs to work harder. This occurs because your heart pumps out a more blood with every muscle contraction of its, to supply more oxygen saturated blood to the uterus to reach your twins.

So if you too have been experiencing these symptoms, you possibly are expecting twins.

So Happy Twin Pregnancy To You!

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