Best Child Dermatologist in HyderabadDermatology is the particular stream of medical science that deals with the observation, diagnosis and treatment of ailments about the skin, hair, and nails. While the general perception of a dermatologist is that of skin and hair specialist, in reality, dermatology is a vast and widely varied discipline of medical science that includes techniques like hair removal and transplantation, laser therapy, and cryosurgery.

A dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in diagnosis and treatment of ailments related to skin, hair and nails. A dermatologist is a person you need to consult for any worries about your skin and hair. In modern times, dermatologists have acquired a prominent place, since we live in a world that lays greater emphasis on one’s looks and personality. Also, skin is the first exhibitor of any symptoms in your body. A person with healthy skin is assumed to be leading a healthy life.

In the hectic life that we lead in today’s world, it is all the more necessary to give importance to skin and hair ailments, since urban life today is besotted with pollution, congestion and radiation at alarmingly increasing levels. Our skin and hair suffer damage almost on a daily basis, and one can say with surety that it wasn’t the case a few decades ago.

Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital prides itself on its team of well trained and vastly experienced dermatologists who have years of experience in successfully treating ailments about skin, hair and nails. We at Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital understand that children are easily susceptible to allergies and skin reactions. Most allergies need to be identified early in life, and our team of doctors are specially trained in treating children with dermatological issues.

We also understand that children do not have the patience or aptitude to sit through individual observational sessions in the manner that adults do. Our team of doctors and support staff take into consideration the shifting moods and temperaments of children and go the extra mile to accommodate their requirements while diagnosing and treating.

Whether it is men, women, or children, dermatology is essential because it is a part of our personality, and how we are looked at by ourselves and the world. Our skin is a natural armour, protecting us from the rigours of life on a daily basis. However, if we do not give it the care and respect that it deserves, the armour begins to develop chinks.

A dermatologist has to work closely with every patient, and our team of doctors works closely with your requirements to ensure you step out of our clinics smiling, contented, and confident. Your smile puts a smile on our faces.