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Let Your Child Breathe Easy!

Beat allergies and asthma by attending this awareness camp, where you can avail several diagnostic tests for reduced rates and listen to Dr Srinivas Jakka teach you several breathing exercises for your little ones.
Does Your Child Have Chest Pain

Does Your Child Have Chest Pain?

Your world can come crashing down thinking about the possibilities of the reason behind your child saying, “it’s paining”, pointing at his chest. You ask and ask and worry about why it is hurting and …
Children And Electronic Gadgets

Children And Electronic Gadgets

Children playing with electronic gadgets (mobile phones, laptops, electronic games) are a common sight these days. Why are children being increasingly exposed to these electronic devices? The electronic gadgets are becoming less expensive and easily …
Frequent Infections In Children

Frequent Infections In Children

Why do children have frequent infections? It is a common scenario for parents complaining that their children suffer from frequent infections. Often, there is a history of the child starting a nursery or daycare facility …
Feeding Problems in Children

Feeding Problems In Children

What are the common feeding behavioral problems? The common patterns of feeding behavior problems include: Partial to total refusal of food. Food selectivity or ‘pickiness’ where kids have a very limited range of food. Vomiting …
Obesity In Children

Obesity In Children

Why is childhood obesity a major health problem? The percentage of children with obesity is increasing worldwide. One in four Canadian and one in three U.S. children are reported to be obese. Children with obesity …
Cold and Cough In Children

Frequent Colds And Coughs In Children

Children are everywhere. They play, go to school, play in water, touch unhygienic things the most and so on. Of course they come back home and wash their hands or even have a bath but …