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Can Children With Heart Conditions Play Sports?

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

You must have heard this a number of times by now. And if you’re on this page, reading this article, you’re certainly worried about your child’s health. You want him to play but you’re scared to let him fall. Here the fall isn’t referring to a physical injury, but congenital heart defects your child is born with.

Ask anyone if your child can play sports despite having congenital heart defects. The immediate answer is a sure shot “NO”. The importance of playing becomes secondary with the fear factor overpowering it. What most of you fail to understand is that physical activity to a certain extent is a necessity for your body and also for a child, even if he or she is born with congenital heart defects. Without it, the body becomes dull and sluggish. And it also tends to invite more troubles.

Most children with congenital heart defects can live absolutely active and healthy lives. Some may have to manage the condition with some extra help depending on the degree of the condition. The doctor may recommend some restrictions in some cases.

Your pediatric cardiologist may advise you on sports which are safe for your child. congenital heart defects involve a wide range of conditions, of which some are difficult to deal with, and some can be easily dealt with. The right type of activities depend on the congenital heart defects, and how advanced it is.

Some Children - Congenital Heart Defects

For some children, there are less restrictions, but for many others games like hockey and football can be quite dangerous.

When you have a child with congenital heart defects, it becomes all the more important to be more compassionate and careful with the child. Informing the school about your child’s medical condition is imperative.

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So the best way you can help you child is to involve him/her in the right kind of activities. Here’s a brief insight into how to get your child used to being more active.

Shun the screens, and take them to the park. Television, video games, tabs and phones and the most harmful products designed, when it comes to health of your children. Do not let them get used to inactivity.

Monitor their activity levels. Talk to your pediatric cardiologist and get your child to perform some amount of physical activities to improve their heart health. It is also important to know when to limit any physical activity.

Physical competitive activities and sports must be restricted. However, in some cases where the child’s condition is mild, the activity can be taken up. But there has to be someone ready with the right kind of measures to be on the safe side. Speak to your heart specialist to be more cautious.

Sun exposure is a concern for children with a congenital heart disease. The skin becomes sensitive due to certain medications and sun exposure can lead to severe skin allergies and cancers in the worst cases. Your doctor would recommend that your child be equipped with sun smarts in case of exposure to outdoor activities and sports.

Sports is in  fact the best way to keep healthy. So talk to your doctor now and help your child grow smarter with play!

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