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Breast Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Ankura Hospital for Women and Children is proud to observe the entire month of October as Breast Cancer month. The reason why we at Ankura took this step is because we firmly believe that it is extremely necessary to spread as much awareness about Breast cancer as possible.

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in females around the world. However, in spite of stupendous advances in the diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer, it is found that the awareness about the disease is crushingly low. Breast cancer has been mostly found to occur in developed countries when compared to underdeveloped countries. With India on the fast-track to becoming a developed economy, it is our duty as members of the medical fraternity to spread as much awareness about the disease as possible.

Ankura Hospital for Women and Children would like to play its part in spreading awareness about Breast Cancer as statistics reveal that it is already one of the fastest growing diseases among women in India. According to the website, the age group of 30 – 40 has witnessed a sharp spike in reported cases of breast cancer when compared to the statistics from 25 years ago.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

We at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children firmly believe that the first step towards the treatment of Breast Cancer is in recognising and reporting the symptoms. While the symptoms are fairly easy to recognise, it is imperative to report them to your doctor. Even if you do not notice any visible symptoms, do get yourself checked regularly as part of your routine medical check-ups.

It is important for women to perform a self-check and also go through regular medical check ups. Some of the symptoms that can be observed with the naked eye are:

a. Lumps in the breasts
b. Change in skin colour of breast area
c. Any rash or dimpling of the skin in breast area
d. Swelling in armpits
e. Discharge from the breast region

These symptoms are fairly easy to recognise and can be performed at home in front of a mirror. While these are not the only symptoms, it is important that upon noticing any of these, immediately report them to your doctor. We implore you not to wait for a right time to do it, as the best time is the earliest time.

Causes of Breast Cancer

While it is extremely difficult to predict and put one’s finger on the exact causes of Breast Cancer, here are some of the most commonly accepted reasons:

a. Getting older: It has been found that the possibility of breast cancer increases as a patient’s age increases. It is important for patients in their middle age to get screened for cancer.
b. Genetics: While cancer is not hereditary, there is a chance that patients with a history of breast cancer in the family run a risk and should undergo a screening.
c. History of Breast Cancer: If the patient has had an earlier history with breast cancer, it is important to remain alert for possible symptoms.
d. Presence of lumps: If the patient has had lumps on the breast earlier, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer.
e. Obesity: In some cases, it has been found that patients who are obese are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

This list is not exhaustive. However, you will notice that we at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children have not used the word ‘women’, instead opting for the word ‘patient’. This is to repel the myth that breast cancer only affects women. Statistics from around the world prove that men are also susceptible to breast cancer and should also get themselves checked regularly.

Treatment of Breast Cancer

With advances in technology, biological research, and advance healthcare, the T today is a wide spectrum of methods and techniques.

The treatment initially begins with a Breast Exam, which is then followed by an X-ray, or Mammogram. If the results prove positive, then the treatment further advances to an Ultrasound, Biopsy, and MRI. These techniques are widely available today and Ankura Hospital for Women and Children is proud to be one of the leading hospitals offering treatment for Breast Cancer.

Some of the leading methods in the treatment of Breast Cancer are Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy among others. The treatment of Breast Cancer is a reality in today’s world.

We at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children request you to stay aware of the risks of Breast Cancer, or come down to visit any of our friendly doctors for a checkup, or to learn of the symptoms of Breast Cancer.

Remember, October is observed as Breast Cancer month. Speak to your near and dear ones, spread as much word as you can among your family and friends circles. The surety of knowing is the greatest peace of mind.

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