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Childbirth Preparation Classes


Childbirth is Natural.

Childbirth, despite being the oldest natural process of human history, still remains a cause of fear among women. Having a thorough knowledge about the process makes women confident, and helps them remain calm and stress-free about childbirth. That in turn makes childbirth a less dreaded and painful experience.

Childbirth preparation classes prepare women for the changes that pregnancy causes to their bodies. This gives them a sense of control over their bodies; along with making them face childbirth with confidence.

Types of Childbirth Preparation Classes

Parenting Classes

Trimester Classes 

  • These are for pregnant women in any stage of pregnancy.
  • Teaches breathing and the proper ways of exercising during pregnancy to keep fit.

Labour preparation classes 

  • For women who are 36 weeks (or more) pregnant.
  • Gives women an overall understanding about labour experiences and medications.
  • Teaches breathing techniques to help with the contractions and pain during labour.

Breastfeeding Classes

  • For women who are 36 weeks (or more) pregnant.
  • Teaches the importance of breastfeeding.
  • The nutritional value of breast milk
  • The proper techniques of latching and feeding a child.

Childbirth classes help and prepare women to not only give birth naturally in the most comfortable manner, they also prepare them for what comes after.

About The Hospital

Ankura is a chain of  Children’s Hospital in Hyderabad. Set up in the year 2011 in KPHB, near Hitech Railway Station, the Ankura Hospitals family has today spread its wings to Secunderabad, Khammam and Vijayawada.


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