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Adult and Pediatric Dentistry

Ankura Dental ClinicIf there is one part of our body that survives long after we are gone, it is our teeth.
Those 32 pearly white, proportional diamonds in our mouth that help us chew, bite and flash a brilliant smile are crucial to our survival. In earlier days, teeth problems were handled in completely different ways. Sailors, for example, had to be wary of fatal teeth and gum diseases like scurvy. It is hard to imagine in today’s times that the lack of a simple ingredient like Vitamin C could lead to a sailor losing his life!. However, with present advances in dentistry, it is highly unlikely that a problem in the teeth would lead to death. And yet, most of us never take dental advice seriously. We have been told since childhood to brush our teeth twice a day, and to visit a dentist once every six months. But honestly, how many of us do that? Not too many!

Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital makes sure that when you step into our centre, you’re surprised with many such anecdotes and interesting stories, while we painfully work towards solving your dental problems. Adults and children have completely different dental needs. For grown-ups, dentistry is more about damage control and reinstating the importance of good dental habits. But for children, it is a completely different ball game altogether.

Since children are in their growing years, it is important that they are oriented with best practices in teeth-care very early in life. Another reason for the difference between adult and children’s dental needs, is the fact that children are constantly growing, and this is true of their teeth as well.
Milk teeth are being replaced, wisdom teeth are sprouting. Corrective procedures like braces, chips and implants are used for children. But perhaps the most important difference is that children cannot be expected to sit patiently through a dental procedure. They are fidgety, impatient, and are often also intimidated and scared by the whole procedure.

So whether it is a simple dental check-up, or a filling or root canal, our team of highly experienced dentists understands the minute differences, and works accordingly. From the interiors that are bright and colorful, to our team of dentists and support and nursing staff, we are all working round the clock to ensure that your pearly whites are in perfect working condition throughout the year!
Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital has witnessed hundreds of children and their parents walk out of our centres with beautiful, pearly smiles on their faces. A smile is your first visiting card. It is a mirror of your healthy living habits.

When you flash a perfect smile, it brings a smile on our faces!